About Us

Our country is under attack.  I have made it my mission to fight back.  Our country needs defending.  The Second Amendment needs defending.  Our President needs defending.  I created Defend 45 Style with a simple goal, to get freedom loving americans to show their support for everything that makes America great.

The mainstream media has mocked me for my outspoken defense of the Second Amendment.  I will never waiver and I wear these shirts proudly.  They spark conversation, discussion and yes debate.  Information is power, firearms are empowering.  The two go hand in hand as we Defend America.

When I am not working on Defend45Style.com you can find me taking the fight to the left on my daily morning NRATV show, Stinchfield.  It is where we fight lies of the activist mainstream media with our greatest weapon, truth.

Defend 45 is all about showing the world you are in the fight too.